since 1967 we decorate emotions


For over 50 years, Pasquale Carrella and his family have distinguished themselves in the noble Floral Art. Passion and talent that can create incredible masterpieces, passed down from generation to generation. In addition to tradition, there is a continuous search for new floral techniques. With the style of his loved ones, he desires to innovate and amaze the public, projecting them into the future; without forgetting the roots of the Family


A laboratory of ideas, colors and fragrances where we design and manufacture, by hand, precious compositions with exquisite flowers and plants. This is not franchise, but our floral Boutique


Love is a spectacular panorama with different points of view and everyone has their own. With you, we will design the ideal flowers and plants for your unforgettable wedding


Details make perfection
and perfection is not a detail. We will make your events unbelievable thanks to the countless customizations that we offer. Our flowers are waiting for you


Surprise means
make your loved one happy. The act if surprise is an art. Surprise and make those around you smile with our flower arrangements

What they say about us

"What to say, perfect decorations, beautiful flowers, the bouquet I wanted and the right advice. In this case it was the first impression that guided us. As soon as we spoke with Pasquale, we were very impressed by your professionalism, ability and knowledge. Congratulations to him, first of all, but also to his collaborators and his wonderful wife. We would choose him again and again. Thanks! "
Anna Santoli
Bride 22/05/16
"The church, already very beautiful, has been embellished with great care and elegance. The professionalism with which Pasquale and Stefania support you in your choices is as great as the passion and heart they put into making every wedding magical! I would choose them again with my eyes closed ! Thanks "
Annalisa Forlenza
Bride 22/05/16
"I found Pasquale and Stefania on and I was struck by the simplicity and elegance of the compositions. I immediately contacted Pasquale and, when I went to the shop in Salerno, he showed me the Rose Cuttings, which I wanted to my marriage. It seems little, but this gesture immediately struck me! Think, that the surprises also reserved them for me on my wedding day, as the Eiffel tower "brings rice" .. Superb! My vote is 10 and praise! If you recommend it? No, I recommend it! "
Rosalia Spolverino
Bride 09/06/16



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